Creating your (R)Evolution Part Two – Break-free from the crowd to gain an early win.

If you’re anything like me, you need to be kept interested and need to feel inspired. So, when you embark on creating your (R)Evolution, that is, the revolution that results in the evolution of your knowledge and, therefore, your business, I apply the assumption that I need to give you some really quick wins to make the long game more palatable.

So here is the first of the quick wins; You need to focus on the development of a comprehensive value ladder that helps to create some space between you and your competition in the eyes of your target market and also creates additional revenue and a solid reputation for you.

I will not deep-dive into this subject in this post, but I will allow you to get the framework to make this work. As promised in my last post, I will make you an offer worth serious consideration if you have yet to become a member.

The revolution I refer to if you missed the last two posts, is focused on the development of a business that can work for you rather than you for it all of the time. A business that functions as a well-oiled machine that keeps going even when you’re on the Beach, at the Spa, Track, or Playing Golf. A business machine that is capable of generating exceptional and sustainable results.

To make this happen, I believe you should follow the 7C’s model; no surprise there! Reach out to me for a signed copy of the book. This is the central hub of our business development program and is a combination of five very important elements that I want to share with you right now:

  1. History – We learn from the past to improve today and tomorrow.
  2. Today – We stay grounded and work with what we have today with an eye on –
  3. The Future – We always keep an eye on the future and our goals to stay ahead of the curve.
  4. Strong Foundations – Our foundations are the most important element in creating sustainable success.
  5. Creative Learning – We never stop seeking out new ideas and new learning to keep us fresh and different from the crowds.

The 7C’s development model is a combination of my own international business experience and the experience of some of the greatest personalities in business across many decades. This combination of experience, learning and case histories resulted in the 7C’s a realistic program that, when followed, works every time.

I am often asked where my motivation comes from or if you prefer my ‘Why.’ That’s easy to answer; everyone who takes the leap of faith into designing, running and developing their own business deserves success. To make this happen, I believe, we should have all the knowledge and support needed to achieve that aim.

Of course, the ‘Why’ leads to the ‘How.’ This is achieved by offering unlimited support and advice in exchange for a small regular subscription to a community of like-minded business heroes who understand the magic behind the Rainmakers Club trilogy of Learn, share, Develop.  We happen to be a business support supplier, but mark my words, one day, all business support and advice will work this way!

What we need to do is work hard on the creation of the strong foundations that are so essential to the success we seek. But they will not give us a quick win. Any development program needs to include some form of a quick win to keep momentum and inspire change.

I like to mix and match a little, so let us do that. Today we will give you a quick win; as Mary Poppins taught us, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

For most businesses, not all, but most, the following is true. If 100 people in a month visit their site or perhaps a landing page, three or four might make a purchase. But what happens to the other 96 people? I know what should happen; the other 96 should also find something too good to ignore; even if they cannot purchase the big-ticket item, you want them to buy something or at least join your permission list.

When you design your product or service, during the process, you cannot help but create elements that would, with the slightest adjustment, become valued by-products and be part of the ultimate product or service you want to sell for a premium.

Having a stable of promoted by-products will ensure that many of the remaining 96 won’t just disappear but will be encouraged to look at and buy the by-product bundles.

You do this by making multiple offers via your value ladder made up of your bundled by-products based on customer needs and desires. Each step of the value ladder has a sales funnel that can upsell and downsell.

That makes perfect sense, but you will be amazed at the number of businesses that either don’t know how to do this, don’t even think about it or do it badly. Of the 100, instead of selling to just four, we can still sell to those four but add another twenty-five who buy lesser options, bundles and single products. This will not only give them value but will inspire future purchases too.

I promised some free stuff with this series of posts, so today, I am giving away the first gift. If you are not a member, I am offering you the opportunity to have a free Value Ladder consultation with me to make sure you have the baseline framework so you, too, can take advantage of this underused strategic sales tool.

That is a great offer, but I will go further; everyone who takes up the offer will also be given a bonus offer post the consultation. Use this link to take advantage of this offer:

Next time we will be looking at the importance of content and a can’t-lose framework for content creation.

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