Reply To: Why Value Ladders and Funnels are so fundamental to success…

  • rainmakershub Rainmaker

    August 9, 2022 at 09:03

    Hey, that is fine, you can use any shape you want to. The most important part to understand is the process and reason behind it, the shape you apply to the illustration is not important the process is, the name you choose to use to describe it is up to you also, that too is only important if you intend to share it with others.

    When the exercise is complete please do not file it, instead send it to me and say ‘Okay I am ready for more!’ There is are four very good reasons to say and do that:

    1. I can review and steer you onto the next phase on this path.

    2. There is empirical evidence to support this model but you need to take it all the way and to keep it simple we take one logical step after another. Once you have the Value ladder that is only the end of part one, we need to move to the next step. Remember at this stasge this is a learning curve not a demo.

    3. We can collaborate on the next steps and follow a proven path, this will give you momentum and a greater undestanding of the big picture we are making one sketch at a time.

    4. The more you use me to help the quicker you get to the end. when you get there the system will be ready to launch in real time, for you and your business…

    So let’s not get too worried about the diagram but concentrate on the process that is designed to create revenue from the clients you want to do business with…

    Why don’t we all agree on a date and time and have a practical workshop on this for an hour? what do you think @elizabethsmith @michaelflynn @michellejones @John_Stanton @davidjefferies