Reply To: Why Value Ladders and Funnels are so fundamental to success…

  • rainmakershub Rainmaker

    August 10, 2022 at 09:35

    I hope that once we go through all the steps but aso give some concise guidance and the reason behind the steps this will become so much clearer to you. Once the reason behind the actions is fully understood you will have a much better feel for the entrie process. It is difficult to start with becuase some of the steps and reasons for them are not fully clear. Thgis is by design becuase it can become even more confusing if you know too much too soon and jump steps.

    I hope, actually I am very confident, that after the session it will be much clearer for you all. In the meantime I am here to answer questions or offer guidance and alternate views, the more you ask the more you get 🙂