Who & What Are Purple Pirates?

The centre of the Rainmakers Club Universe

To really understand why we call our community Purple Pirates, you need to understand the Rainmakers Club mission and what our movement is all about.

Perhaps the best way to do that is to come alomng to some of our events and also download our FREE e-Book all about the story behind the Rainmakers Club and our Purple Pirates who live at the centre of our Universe…

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Development Surgery

Find our more about the Rainmakers Club Business Development Surgeries here. These events are held once each month. Come along and join the conversation, consider alternate views. Check out the detials and book your place at our nect event. Better still become a full member...


Elite Mastermind Groups

Find out more about the Rainmakers Elite Inner Circle Mastermind Group events and turbo-charge your innovative and creative side. Attending theese monthly events will encourage you to think differently, embrace alternate views and live by our core trilogy of Learn, Share, and Develop


Inner Circle Mastery Group

Explore the Rainmakers Club highly acclaimed quarterly Mastery Group Sessions, unique to the Purple Pirates Community. This online event focuses on our big three of Marketing, Sales and leadership. You can view the event live or you can take advantage of the recorded version...


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