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Build Your Busines Around Core Values

rainmakershub April 26, 2022

Now that you have a vivid full-colour picture of your business and its exit all based around your true reason why placing it in the very centre of your three circles, we can now look at giving it the right personality and culture. Like most people, the personality and culture will be determined by the way the business behaves and acts given a range of circumstances.

In the beginning, the personality will be set by you alone and in many cases will be a direct reflection of you. We have already done some work on this by looking at your own core principles that you will be working on during the development of your business.

We can now take those important principles that have come from the lessons in life, learnt by yourself and others; the principles that will be or are the building blocks of the culture of your business. We can merge these with your own personality and the beliefs that guide you and begin the process of designing some core values. But first, we need to answer some fundamental questions. Do not cheat yourself. Take this and all the exercises seriously. I can promise you one thing, if you take it seriously it will make a difference.

To design appropriate core values for your business, we will need to understand what is in your vision for your business and tie that vision into the following key questions: