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C2 Clarity

rainmakershub April 20, 2022

Why clarity, simply because the vision, mission and core values, supported with an evident culture and strong principles, is the next component to your success. It is often a good idea to go back to the beginning, even when you may have already passed the early phase of business development. Some of you will be minded to skip this part because you are not at the beginning. I would urge you not to do that but instead use this as an opportunity to re-visit and adjust; there is always room for improvement, right?

You need total clarity when it comes to the foundations of your business. Like many others, I have discovered that one of the critical components to success will come from the foundations you create for yourself and your business.

These foundations are far more critical than you may understand, and that is why even if you’re not just starting but have been around a while, this is still worth your attention. We include some fundamental questions within the foundations and how best to answer them.

Questions like what is your reason why? It is your why that will drive everything. Questions like what is your vision? What is your mission? What makes you who you are, and how will this impact your business, eventually these elements become your core values? What is the one big thing you are working for?

I spend time looking at some of the fundamental principles from my personal experience. I share them with you in this book, hoping that they will inspire and encourage you to think long and hard about the principles that lie at the foundations of your own business.