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C6 Construction

rainmakershub April 20, 2022

Your machine needs to be constructed with great care, and as it becomes established, it needs to grow. To achieve this, we create scale. most of us start a business for much bigger reasons than just creating a job for ourselves. No matter what the reason, creating a business that works for you should be your primary motivator. To achieve all you can, you need to recognise that running a business is not the same as working in the business.

When you have established the foundations of your enterprise, you can go to work on the cogs that make the machine, the cogs that create scale. When you create scale in your business, you create an organisation capable of working for you rather than you working for it.

much of this is about having a ‘turnkey’ business. This is one that is so well documented and the processes so well engineered that the company can operate without you and continue to create exceptional and sustainable results.

I look in this section at all of the essential aspects of creating true scale in your business, allowing you the freedom you seek, at the same time as a business capable of delivering to you the future and legacy you genuinely desire.