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First thing is first

rainmakershub August 6, 2022

I can remember a few years ago now I was at a sales convention being run by one of my favourite sales authors in the US. We were at this amzing hall in downtown Pittsburgh and he was in full flow. We had met a few times before at other events and had even shared the stage together for one event. It was common for us to get together after the events to break bread and catch up. This occasion was no different. He had just released a new book and I too had just had Making Rain published, so there was plenty for us to talk about.

During our lunch something was said that resonated with me so much that it has never been forgotten and now I make it my business to pass on this nugget to as many people as I can who are willing to listen! It started with a very candid convesation with Jefferey about how I was feeling about some of my interactions with my customers at that time.

He said to me; “A few years ago you helped me no end by reminding me that when I hire someone and they could not do the job the way I wanted them to do it, that is not their fault, after all I was the one that hired them!” Yes I said I remember that advice and it is as true today as it was when I first said it to you. Jefferey then went on to point out to me that I was having exactly the same issue with some of my cleints, they were not right for the business and were getting no real value. Jeffery reminded me that they were the cleints that I had chosen to attract into my business and so it was not their fault it was mine.

That is why it is so very important to understand in great detail who your ideal cleint is, because if they do not fit into that avatar and therefore do not act in the way you expect, don’t engage in the way you designed, that is not their fault it is yours!

Here is the key point; You will atract customers based on your content and if you get the content worng you will get the wrong people coming into your funnels. That is why I am always saying that a sales funnels will never fail. If your funnel follows the rules but is not working it will be the content not the funnel, providing you’re following our proven models, which we will come onto later in this series.

The point we raise here is one of the key components to successful funnels, it is all about what you say and then all about what you offer. You control who comes into your process by what you say and what you offer. Please above all else remember this important point.

Your here to help, right?

The next most important thing to understsnd is who you are here to serve. Instead of selling to anyone and everyone, focus on those that you want to serve, those you truly want to help. These then are, by default, your ideal customers the people you should be directing your content and offers to attract. Once you understsnd this it will change the way you communicate, it will result in the devlopment of your content as you focus your attention on talking directly to your ideal client in a way that they will both underdstand and will appeal to them.