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Key Questions needing your attention

rainmakershub August 5, 2022

I know you have probably spent much time researching and idntifying your market place, but withion your market there will be what we refer to as your ideal client, these are the people who will engage with you and buy your high end products and services. You need to be able to answer the followong question:

Who is your dream customer? 

I would suggest that you have a detialed pen picture of what this person looks like. The more detialed you can make your pen picture the easier it will become to find them. It is certianly well worth the time and effort to get this right.

Where do your dream customers go?

If we can find out where our dream customers go to network to learn, to relax and to engage with others, where can we find them online; then we can make sure we can be found there too, before starign the charm offensive and attrract them throughb our personality.

What is it you can use to attract them into your process?

Now that we know where to find your ideal customer we need to understand what we need to do tombring them to us what is it that they want? what is it that they are going to respond to? How can we cresate for them vlaue that they will want to take full advantage of? These are the keys to your attraction.

What result can you get for your cusonter that they really want and need?

Once we have attracted them into our worlod what is it we can do for them that is going to make a real difference for them? The key to remmeber is people will not come to you bacuse of the product or service but because of the result they will gain. So you need to be clear on the result.

Now I want you to take a time out and invest that time in reviewing all of these questions and wirte down your answeres.