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Product Launch Funnels

rainmakershub August 30, 2022

The Product Launch Funnel has a free workshop page, multiple video pages, an offer page with an order form and, of course, the thank you page.

The idea behind this particular funnel is to create a buzz around the launch of your new product or service. Even if this is not a new service or product, this is a great way of whipping up your target audience, the ones you have yet to reach fully. I am sure you remember earlier in this program, we talked about the sales letter; well, this is similar in some ways, but the main difference is the way we release the information in stages to build anticipation and buzz leading up to the actual official launch. Think of it like the build-up to a new movie release…

It is also worth considering the type of audience these funnels are directed at. The Product Launch Funnel is best suited for your Warm and Hot traffic rather than the Cold. Although other methods of delivery work, I have found the most success in sending the link via email to those already on my list. This is also suitable for use with joint venture lists and affiliate listings too.

These funnels are broken down into manageable chunks and sent out at appropriate intervals. The way we have operated these is much the same as most who use this model, and that is to allow the participant to register for free. The participant will be sent the first three videos at the allotted time and date, and then on the final video, we make the offer. In the video, just before the offer, we encourage comments and discussion to hook the participants into the process further. In reality, this is not that different to the presentation funnel; it is just broken down into manageable chunks.

Page 1 – The Free Workshop Page

This page will look like one of the standard squeeze pages; in this case, the lead magnet is your free-to-attend worship that culminates in the offer. To help with the attraction, you might like to use at the bottom of the page some screenshots from the actual workshop videos.

Page 2 to 4 – ┬áThe Video Pages

These look exactly as you would expect them to, but there are a few elements that we should take into account. Ideally, on each page, you would see thumbnails of all of the videos in the series. The videos that are not yet released should clearly be locked until you are ready to broadcast them. I personally also publish the script of the narrative as this will suit more of the learning styles of the individuals.

You can also add links under each thumbnail of relevant lead magnets for your visitors to explore and download; often, these are free offers. You might also want to include here a comment section. When you have built your following, this is a great way of showing your social proof. I would always encourage this as it is a great way of turbocharging your engagement levels.

Page 5 – The Offer Page & Order Form

In the fourth video, you are going to make your offer. Because these are done in a sequence, I would send emails to remind people when the video will be shown.  This page is very clean and simple. It only carries the video of the offer and the order form. Nothing more is needed. My preference is to work very clean and only have a link or button to the order form below the video so that there are no distractions. Hopefully, by now, in video 4, you have them on the hook, and they will go all the way to the end of the process. If not, then you need to be looking g to your content rather than the mechanism.