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Ten Rules Of Selling

rainmakershub April 26, 2022

Please read through these ten rules for selling and see how they compare to what you currently do. I want you to understand that these rules are a vital key to ultimate success in sales if you apply them and live by them. Do your best to commit these to memory and write them somewhere retrievable so you can view them regularly.

I suggest once again that you memorise these rules and actively seek to include them in your sales process and marketing at all levels. In the next session, I will ask you to allocate the right rules to the right C’s in the sales process, so please take some time to learn these vital rules. As you scroll through this lesson I will share with you some thoughts in each of the rukles in turn and I hope this gives you some food for thought and the application of the rules in your business.

1. People, Not Products.

Selling is personal, and so you need to be placing your emphasis on the person, not the product.

2. People Hate To Be Sold To But Love To Buy.

In general, people hate to be sold to, but most enjoy the process of buying. Therefore, you aim to create an environment where people want to buy.

3. Someone will get their way; you decide who.

When it comes down to it, someone will walk away the winner; it is your role to create a win, win and not a single winner. The best win, win is the client gets what they want, and you get the sale or progress further toward the sale.

4. Always Be Prepared.

You should never go into a sales presentation, no matter what media is being used, without being fully prepared.

5. Friendship, Not Salesmanship.

More value is gained, and more lifetime revenue is generated through friendship than salesmanship.

6. Focus On ‘Why’ and ‘How’, Not ‘What.’

You only get one chance to make the first impression. make your elevator pitch entertaining, and let it stand out from the crowd by being filled with the passion that comes from your ‘Why’ and the differential that comes from your ‘How.’ Your ‘What’ will look after itself.

7. Stories Work Best.

Get your prospect thinking about already having the advantage of what you sell by telling them entertaining and relevant stories.

8. Practice, Practice, Practice.

The skills you use in sales need to be top-draw, like a top-class sportsperson. The more you practice, the better you will get. Increase your activity to increase your practice.

9. Always Close.

The Close is not aggressive but a natural conclusion, regardless of what it might be. A Close can be the ultimate sale, but it can also be a referral; another meeting either way always Close.

10. Control The Journey.

You decide on the cadence of the sale. Control the pace with open and closed questions, and understand the difference and when to use them.


People, Not Products & People Hate to be Sold To, But Love To Buy…

In this short section I am going to merge the first two rules and deal with them together as they have a clear and direct relationship to each other. Do not make the mistake of thinkingthsat these rulea are only applicable the art of physical face to face selling. All of the rules I speak of are equally relevant to online and or virtual selling as they are to the traditional face-to-face selling skills. The rules therefore work perfectly well, in fact are essential for online and software based funnesl sales. These rules should drive the framework you use and the content used to fill them.