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The Broad Concept – Finding Your Why

rainmakershub April 26, 2022

There’s no time like the present so we shall get straight into it with the ‘Broad Concept’. The foundations you create for your business are without doubt one of the, if not the, most important elements and so we need to get some clarity in your own mind as to where you are right now with regards to your business.

We do this using a system called ‘The Broad Concept.’ We will do this exercise now, to get a starting point for your journey but we will also do it again during the process to check and demonstrate to you that you are indeed making progress on the road to greater success. First some background information.

What is the Broad Concept?

In essence, this is a tool I want you to use to help gain some clarity on where you are right now, where you need to or want to be and the best way to get there given the current situation. I will come back to this question more than a few times and use it as a test for performance and change.

The Broad Concept is made up of three important questions that require your candid thoughts and feedback. So please do give it your undivided attention. When you answer these questions, turn off or put away those distractions and focus.

In fact, that is great advice for each time you pick up this book, if you give it the time it deserves it will pay you back in positive progress in your development and the development of your machine.

These questions should be given more thought than you may first appreciate. Let me explain. In this section, we are dealing with the very foundations of your business and in particular your ‘Reason Why.’ So, when we ask the three questions, which are:

they all deserve your undivided attention. Each of these questions needs to be thought about and answered with the main subject in mind, the subject of your major reason ‘Why’, why you are in business, why you are doing what you are doing? I don’t want you to worry if this is not currently clear in your mind because we are going to go through the entire process. But this will give us both a chance to understand where you are right now and in that way, I can then offer support and assistance for your specific journey, should you require it.

If like many people starting out in business you are not clear on this then your answers will reflect that point. There is nothing wrong with that, after all the entire purpose of this book and the accompanying development program is designed to develop you and therefore by default you don’t yet need to have all the answers. We will build them over time.

At least you’re ahead of the game compared to thousands of other businesses who have yet to take the steps to learn and improve. Steps that you are now taking. You see in reality you already have the edge over so many, simply by having this book in your hands and the desire to learn from it.

When it comes to your reason why, your reason for being in business, your major motivator, where do you feel you are, at this moment? I understand this is before we have even talked about it in detail. We will walk through the background information and then do a few more exercises and ask the same questions again and compare the answers. Candour is key here, so be open and willing to share your answers with me.