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The One Time Offer Script

Chris Batten September 12, 2022

I think the most important message relating to this script would have to be to remind you that this is a upsell script and so you do not need to resell everything from the start; this will have the opposite effect to the one you are looking for and will not help conversion rates for the funnels you are using it on if you simply try and resell. The structure illustrated below is one that repeatedly gains the best results, and you would do well to use this as your baseline for the construction of your scripts for upsell offers.

Confirm the initial decision – Back in the day, when I was helping businesses with the more traditional sales training, I always pushed the idea of making sure any possibility of buyer’s remorse was handled during the end phase of the same process. Technology changes, but the psychology behind sales stays constant. One of, if not the best ways to deal with the potential buyer’s remorse is to reinforce the decision made to purchase the initial offer.  It is also important when you are taking the customer through the upsell to keep the loop open. Avoid saying things like ‘congratulations on your purchase’ after the initial offer, as this closes that loop. The alternative that seems to work the best is to say wait; your order is not yet complete. As you can see, this keeps the loop open and allows you to explain why. Another example is as follows:

“Congratulations on purchasing ________! Don’t close your browser yet, because your order is not quite finished.”

Smart & Why – This is where you will tell the buyer they have made a great decision by making the first purchase and why.

“You have made a great choice, and here is why…”

Or perhaps you could say:

“You ordered this because you wanted _________, and that is exactly what this is going to do or you.”

Question – Taking into account the original offer, this is where you ask questions about the next offer related to the original purchase, you could also include here a question asking if they want more at a discount:

“Now that you have _____, many people ask about ______.”


“How would you like to get more ______ at a significant discount?”

Exclusive – This is where you will explain why this OTO is not for everyone, making it feel more exclusive:

“This offer is not for everyone. I am offering this to you because you have already proven that you want to take action by taking advantage of the original offer. So I will make you a special one-time offer that’s only available right here, right now.”

Results, fast, speed – This is where you will point out that this offer will compliment the original purchase by delivering a better result faster, for example:

“What I am about to share with you will help you to ____ in a fraction of the time.”

The one thing – You must correctly identify the one thing that will mean the most to your customer and their success. You need to avoid the temptation to go overboard and explain everything about the offer in great detail. The one thing is the most important aspect of the offer in terms of what your target market is looking for. Here is an example:

“I have another product called ____; I won’t explain all the details as you have things you need to do, but I will tell you that the ____ included in this product will give you the results you are looking for fast. Let me explain, ______. This is just one of the many things you will learn with this product. I wish we had time for me to explain everything else this will give you.”