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The People Magnet (Your attractive character)

rainmakershub August 17, 2022

There is so much more to Value Ladders and Sales Funnels than you may realise, and in fact, the technology side of these tools is less complex than you think, and the intangibles and content far more important than you may first appreciate. The intangibles and content are certainly where the major keys to success can be found regarding this subject. If you think back to the ten basic rules of selling that I shared with you earlier, you will remember that in one, I talk about friendship over salesmanship. What I am pointing out in this rule is that it is your likeable personality that is going to attract more sales than your sales patter!

When you think about this, it is really very obvious. If we want to sell our product or service, we need to make sure it is attractive to our target market, and we also need to make sure that we have an attractive personality; it is all about attraction. If you want to attract someone, you need to be attractive. Can I just point out to you that we are not talking about how you look but simply saying that if you want to attract someone, you need to be attractive, not your looks but your personality?

The key to the attractive character is very much the human element, and so part of your role is to make sure in your funnel content there is always a human element and that you always follow the model of Hook, Story, Offer. Obviously, when we talk about attractive characters, this subject is weighted toward the stories you tell, the human element.

Let me share with you an example taken from my own story:

Version One

Using my personal experience, I can show you how to build a business that will not only work for you instead of you constantly working for it but one that can create for you sustainable and exceptional results. I do this by sharing with you my own tried and tested model. A model that not only I have used, but many of my clients have used it too, to great success. If you follow this program, you will see a difference in the way you feel about your business, the way you act and the results you gain.

Version Two

I was sitting at my desk looking at my partner, who was sat the other side; we worked from our home and shared a desk while we worked hard building the business of our dreams. The phone rang, and a familiar voice on the other end of the phone told me to stop. Chris, stop your business, stop spending money, and stop wasting your time, you are running on empty, and we can offer you no support… The voice on the other end of the phone was not just my banker but a friend too. Can you imagine how that felt? I looked across at my partner, and no words were spoken; none were needed; the look in her eyes said it all.

Let’s not dwell too much on those dark days because I want you to focus on what happened almost three years later. I was sitting opposite my partner, only this time it was opposite ends of the room, and we exchanged a glance; no words were needed. In her eyes, I saw pride and contentment. This time we were in our own office; there were 30 heads between us, all working hard on their own stations dealing with customers.  In just three years, almost to the day, we went from being told we did not have a business and needed to stop to creating an average of £1.3m in sales each month. Wow! Would you like to know what we did to change our world?

Using my own story and personal experience, I can show you how we built our business from the ground up and how you, too, can build a business that will not only work for you instead of you constantly working for it but one that can create for you sustainable and exceptional results. I do this by sharing with you my own tried and tested model. A model that not only have I used to go from £0 to £1.3m in sales per month, but many of my clients have used it too, to great success. If you follow this program, you will see a difference in the way you feel about your business, the way you act and the results you gain.


I hope reading both versions of the same offering, you can see the difference the human element makes and how the story can begin to pull you into the personality of the person and the offering and make it more compelling.

The attractive character hidden in the story is the thing that will bind people to your value ladder. They will join because they are interested and looking for a result similar to the one you are describing, and they will stay because of the relationship you build with them through your character and stories.

The key point is you need to weave your character into every aspect of your ladder and funnels in the form of content. The job does not stop there. You need to maintain this in all the communications and follow-ups that the client that has entered your value ladder deserves. We will deal with this subject in more detail later in the program. I want you to create the success deserving of a truly magnetic character. A magnetic character is not defined by volume, education, look, experience, or position but through the genuine personality that might be described as charismatic.

There is no doubt in my mind that sharing your backstory is one of the most effective ways to quickly build the rapport you need to increase your sales success. Do not shy away from sharing your vulnerabilities, too. It makes you more believable and more approachable, more human if you prefer; sharing your character flaws is actually a good thing to do.

If you do some research, or even just take a look around, you will find that those with attractive characters are mostly very polarising. They tend to share their thoughts on matters that many others would prefer to avoid and then stick to their guns. As you can imagine, this behaviour is polarising. The good news is this will result in the attraction of what you might refer to as die-hard fans.

Many will avoid this because they are not willing to accept the fact that when they polarise, some will not be fans and will voice their opinion on social media. I want to assure you that this is okay. The way I look at it is this; if nobody is talking about you, then nobody knows who you are. It is time to step out of the shadows, state your opinions, and bring the things that you really care about into the open for all to see and comment on.

Your Identity

As a rule of thumb, as you develop your people magnetic personality, you will fall into one of the following categories. The great part about this development you need to go through is you get to choose which of the personas will fit you the best. In reality, as you read the following pen pictures, one or two will pop for you, and there will be a good reason for this embrace it and develop it to work for you and your Value Ladder and Funnels. Once you have made your selection, this choice is going to shape the content and the way you communicate and interact with your ideal client within your funnels.

The Leader

This persona is for those that want to lead their client from one position to a new one based on their own experience and backstory, which will be comparable to the position of the customer. They are therefore able to identify and pre-warn regarding the pitfalls and challenges that will be faced while completing the journey. In the ideal world, the ultimate result being pursued by the client will have already been achieved by the leader.

The Explorer

The clue is in the title; the person that takes on this persona is saying, I have not yet reached the end, but I am on the trail, and I am willing to share the journey with my audience, share the experiences and share the discoveries I make. Unlike the leader, you are not leading people down a known path but sharing discoveries as they are uncovered during the journey.

The Reporter

In this case, the individual is yet to blaze a trail and share their finding with their audience, but they certainly have a desire to do just that. They embark on their mission and report back as it happened to their audience. But rather than experiencing it first-hand, they are gaining the information from others and reporting on it to their audience. This works best when you are spending time with those with an appropriately high profile. Your followers follow you and listen to you because of the high-profile people you are interviewing and reporting on to your audience.

The Quite Hero

Some may refer to this as the humble or even reluctant hero. No matter what words you might use to describe this persona. This person is not actually overtly seeking to gain attention but is doing so because they know the value of what they have discovered and believe it needs to be shared with as many people as possible.

So if you are an adventurer, you must tell stories of adventure. If you are a leader, you need to be sharing where you have been and where you are going. You will know if you have selected well because you will find it so easy to slip into that role. If you are struggling to create your attractive character, it may well be worth thinking again about the persona you are building it around and, if need be, make the change.

Add to this a storyline

You can add to this persona a storyline that is going to capture the imagination of your target audience and inspire them to follow you deep into the value ladder. This is achieved by you working on your ability to be a compelling storyteller. I can help or at least give you a leg-up by introducing you to some of the basic story frameworks that appear to work for not just me but others too.

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