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The “Who, what, Why, How” script

rainmakershub September 3, 2022

This is an easy script to remember because everything you need to know is in the title. This script answers four basic questions and then moves into a fast call to action or CTA.

Script Structure

Question One  – Who Are You?

This is often used at the front end of your value ladder to traffic that is a little cooler but don’t let that put you off using it elsewhere when appropriate to do so.

“Hello My name is Chris Batten, and I am the founder of Rainmakers Hub.”

Question Two What is it you have?

This is where you can very quickly hook them in and briefly introduce them to the offer.

“Over the last 12 months, I have personally helped over 400 business improve their results. I want to offer you the same opportunity with a free two-week trial of the Rainmakerds Hub and our unlimited support and advice. To give you a chance for instant value, I am also offering a 30-minute 1-2-1 with me so we can get some focus.”

Question Three Why do you need it?

This is where you can help them to understand the need and why they need to take advantage of it fast. There is a well-known copywriting formula that I would like to introduce you to; it is called PAS:

Problem – Agitate – Solve

Using this model, you raise the problem, making sure you use the same words to describe it that your ideal customer would use. Then you agitate it; some might even say you twist the knife a little! Then your offer becomes the solution. You should give this a go; it works wonders.

Problem: “I know it can be a real challenge to get your sales and new business to the levels you need right now.”

Agitate: “You can burn hundreds of pounds on solutions that don’t get you the conversions; they just give you a temporary sticking plaster. 

Solve: That is why I want you to take advantage of my two-week offer so that I can show you the difference we can make in just 14 days. Then when you have experienced this for less than a takeaway per month, you can join and take full advantage of unlimited support and advice. Wow! This is an insane offer!”

Question Four How do they get this offer?

Now we tell them exactly what they need to do to take advantage of this offer.

“Simply click the link below or go to Rainmakershub.com to start your free trial today and book your 1-2-1 with me to really get things moving.”

So now you can see how the core part of this script will work. My example was for a free trial, but this can work equally for services and product sales. You can turbo-charge this process with the following elements:

The Catch – Explain why you are offering such a great deal. It is human nature to be suspicious and think there is a catch, so be upfront about it and tell them that the catch is there is no catch. For example:

“You probably wonder why I am giving you free access to unlimited support and advice. The reason is simple; it is my sole objective to help as many businesses as possible to achieve exceptional and sustainable results and help as many business owners as possible to create a business that is capable of working for them rather than they have to work for the business all of the time. I know that once you have experienced our service, you will want to continue to maintain that advantage, and so the trial is giving us both the perfect opportunity. 

Urgency & Scarcity – Explain the real elements of urgency that you can incorporate into the offer, for example:

“Everyone who takes advantage of this offer for a free trial this month is going to get a free copy of my latest book ‘The 7C’s Of Why” totally free; all you need to do is cover the postage and packaging £5.00. This is a fraction of the usual cost and represents a 75% discount. But this offer will disappear at the end of the month, so don’t wait too long, or you will miss the opportunity.”

Guarantee – This is your chance to reverse any risk that might be associated with the offer, for example:

“If you do not love your free trial with Rainmakers, all you have to do is let us know, and we will cancel your membership; no stings, no tie-in, you won’t even have to talk to us. Oh, and please keep the book with our compliments. If, however, the book is of no value to you, please return it to us in good condition, and we will refund your postage fee of £5.00. This is not about the money; it is about fulfilling our only reason for existing, to help.”

Recap – Finally, finish with a reminder of what they are getting and why, for example:

“So don’t forget to click the link below or go to RainmakersHub.com for your free trial account, and don’t forget if you do this before the end of the month, you also get a copy of The 7C’s Of Why completely free of charge, you just need to cover the postage and packaging.”