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Understand Your Power

rainmakershub April 26, 2022

I wanted to finish this section by just reminding you of possibly the most important message in the entire program. To remind you of the one thing that really is a game-changer, if you would just give it some thought and then use it!

How you think and act is the key to everything else. If you can concentrate on finding the right thoughts and turn them into actions, then anything is possible. I can think of two very close to home examples of this. Predictably I would use myself as an example, but there is another I want to use.

A few years ago now I was talking with a very close friend of mine, he and his partner were going through some very difficult times and were in fact knocking on the door of complete financial ruin. I remember one occasion he broke down while explaining his problems to me. This was a man’s man, a strong man and to see him in this light was at the time a revelation. 

We talked and I explained that with a few changes to the way he was thinking and therefore the actions he was taking, we could change everything. I offered some practical assistance too in the development of their business. I explained ‘you become what you think about most.’ I explained that he had the power to change everything if he could change his thoughts and therefore change his actions and outcomes.

A few hard but short years later and we were sunning ourselves on a beach, I was his best man and he was about to get married. He had changed everything. Later he gained his pilot’s licence and embarked on a new chapter with an additional business. He and his wife continue to go from strength to strength. I may have helped a little but his change of fortune was all his own doing. He used the power we all have but few use.

“Once you understand the power you have within, anything and everything about your ‘Why’ becomes a possibility for you.”

Chris Batten Author The 7C’s of Why