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Webinar Funnels

rainmakershub August 25, 2022

The typical Webinar Funnel has five pages; these include a registration page, a thank you page, the webinar room and order form page and a replay page. You can also add to this up-sells, down-sells, and a bump.

Page 1- Registration

The goal of this page is simply to get people to register for your webinar. Therefore we start it with a curiosity-based headline, in the same we do with all of the other funnels you may want to or actually should be using. On this page, you don’t need to take time to tell the story. Instead, the focus is very much on the hook designed to pull them in and get them to register. Please bear in mind that with this funnel, you are going to need to have access to webinar software like Zoom or GoToWebinar and integrate them into your pages.

Page 2- Thank You Page

This page is designed to take the person who has registered and start the process of building a relationship with them so that they show up at the webinar. This is a good place to use the What, Why, How scripts we will cover later in this program. Here you explain who you are, what they will learn and why it is so important to them to put this in the diary, so they do not forget to attend. The other great part about this is you can use this page to push people into some of your lower-cost products and or services. You just need to make sure the thank you page does not compete with the Webinar offer, so it needs to be something that compliments the event and will create more of a need for whatever it is the Webinar is ultimately going to be offering them.

Page 3 – The Webinar Room

Your Webinar will be taking place inside your chosen webinar software. The software will send notifications to ensure that your audience will log into their software. When the time comes, you simply open up your presentation and deliver the well-prepared and rehearsed Webinar. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of preparing well and rehearsing. If you need more on this, you can get further coaching on how to plan and deliver exceptional presentations here on the Rainmakers Hub platform.

Page 4 – The Order Form Page

At the end of the presentation, you will want to be making a strong Call To Action to encourage the participant to make a purchase. The key here is not to resell; this will, without a doubt, damage the conversion rates. So instead of the resell, recognise that you have covered this ample detail on your webinar, and all you need to do on this page is recap the headline details and let them make the purchase.

Don’t forget you can include order form bumps; remember the points I raised when we first looked at that feature. You can also include upsell and downsell, and offer walls and links to other relevant funnels, such as your phone funnels.


Page 5 – The Replay Page

We have to accept that Human Nature will come into play, and that means that no matter how hard you may try, some people will not show up at the allotted time for the live event. So that is why we set up a replay page. This is a recording of the presentation. It does not have to be of the actual live event if you are doing it live. You can record it earlier if that is your preference. You want to create exclusivity so that this page will have a short shelf life, maybe 48 to 72 hours. I would also include a countdown to create a sense of urgency. So after the live show, you send out an email that will push people to the replay page; this will let them know they missed the event and see how long they have to catch up before it disappears and they have missed the opportunity.


Automated  Webinar Funnel

This is a popular variation of the live event version. While similar, there is no live event or external webinar software. In a few cases, this can all be done with your own technology, much of which comes preloaded on most good tablets and laptops. If you use something like ClickFunnels, this tech is all included. The presentation is pre-recorded, and people will register to watch it in real-time or at a future date.

Registration Page – The automated webinar is similar to the live version. Once you have completed the registration, you are directed immediately to the next step, which in this case, is the Presentation Page.

Presentation Page – This is similar to the replay page in the live version, where the participant can view the actual presentation.

Order Form Page – Once the presentation is over, the participant is taken to the order page where they can make the purchase that was the subject of the presentation.

Finally, you have the same facilities as the main webinar funnels in that you can add to this email sequences to help ensure the participant that has not viewed the presentation does not miss the opportunity.

I want to clarify that this particular type of funnel can be extremely valuable, and you can gain much from using them. They do, however, take some practice, and if you do nothing, you’ll get nothing. I appreciate how obvious that is, but I want to urge you not to fall foul of procrastination. You need to get on and practice this version. You may not get it right the first time, but practice makes perfect.