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You Become What You Think

rainmakershub April 25, 2022

The human mind is a powerful tool. The more you understand how it operates, the better you can use this most powerful asset for your development and the development of your machine.

The human mind is a powerful tool. The more you understand how it operates, the better you can use this most powerful asset for your development and the development of your machine. For a more detailed look at this I would reccomend visiting another of our programs whiuch we have called:

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Until you create true scale in your business and it can work effectively without you having to do everything. You will continue to be the single most important influence over your business and the most significant potential point of weakness, too, not because you are not capable or good at what you do. Simply because one person can’t do it all, all of the time and create scale too!

That means that how you think, feel, and act will directly impact and affect your business’s look, feel, and performance. That is why it is essential to get your mindset right from the get-go. Your mindset and how you think will be and is a constant battle for most of us, and that is why it is so essential to understand how your mind works. With this understanding, you can better manage and, to some extent, control the thoughts you are having.

Earl Nightingale wrote in 1956 that “We become what we think about.” The same message was the key in Napoleon Hill’s book from 1937, called Think and Grow Rich. We may well be in a different century, but the statement is as true today as back then. Just like the principles in this book written in 2022, it will still resonate in 2122, assuming we haven’t broken our planet by then!

As you can imagine, I have read many books in my time, not least because I am constantly researching work from the past as a writer. I do this for several reasons, one because, like you, I am on a lifelong journey of learning and want to take full advantage of the experiences and knowledge of others, and secondly, it would be such a shame to lose some fantastic work that business pioneers of the past have done to save us precious time and cost.

I also strongly believe in simple business terms, that all that can happen has happened before, and so there is great potential to learn from history, which requires us to keep these historic books alive for learning and research.

If you take this stance, like me, you will find that many of the current works can be traced back to previous authors’ fine work like Napoleon Hill and others. You confirm the often quoted phrase that there is nothing new in business that has not been said or done before.

The way it is said and presented will change over time according to fashion and language, but the core messages remain constant; we just need to make sure each new generation is given the wisdom, albeit updated to suit the fashions and trends of the day.

I want you to think for a moment about the title of this section, ‘you become what you think about most.’ For my part, I believe this to be true, and I have seen with my own eyes the influence thoughts can have on performance and outcomes.

This may not be spoken about too much in business, but it is front and centre in sport. We could learn much from the world of sport and how much effort they put into managing mindset. I would love to see this brought into the mainstream of business development education.

Yes, you genuinely do have the power to change your outcomes; all you need to do is think and act in the right way. This is a much more powerful statement than you may first appreciate.

It is not some mumbo-jumbo designed to sell books and make the promise of getting rich quick. It is more than a strategy, more than a tactic. It is a way of thinking all of the time. It is a way of living that will always lead to your ultimate success, whatever you want that success to look like. In your case, it might be to be the best parent, to be the best at your sport, to be the best in business; this is entirely personal and entirely yours to play with.

A few years ago, I decided that I needed to study business management and psychology to broaden my experiences. This was a decision that made perfect sense to me given the significant impact a persons mind and how they think can and does have on the life they construct for themselves. I have deliberately used the phrase the life they create for themselves because that is the case. You can influence the path your life takes through the way you think and act. You can and should construct your own life.

I have been on a journey of my own and experienced both the highs and the lows of designing, running and building my businesses. I have experienced the significant setbacks that all successes seem to have in their lockers, along with the wins too.

Since starting my studies in psychology, it has helped me immensely understand that the way we think about ourselves and the world around us has a significant role in the outcomes we experience, many of which we construct for ourselves, either knowingly or not.

The more we understand our minds and how we think, the more we know the impact these thoughts have on our behaviour and those around us. The greater control we apply to ourselves, the more chance we can create the outcomes we truly desire for ourselves and those closest to us.

Of all the things I have learnt along the way, there are three that stand out for me, and I would say they are the big three, the ones that will make the most difference. I hope that when used well, they will make a significant difference to you. The big three are:

  • Your mindset and how you think


  • The people you choose to surround yourself with


  • Your desire to learn, develop and explore concepts


If you consistently tell yourself you can’t, it is a sure bet that you won’t. If you tell yourself you can, you have more than a fair chance of achieving your objectives. This is not just some old baloney; this has been empirically proven numerous times.

Once you can accept that the way you think does and will influence what you do, how you do it, what you say and how you say it, we can start to use that knowledge and the power you have inside you to your full advantage. 

Next, we will look at just a few examples illustrating how your mind can influence your actions and outcomes. But first I would like you to complete this next short exercise: