Purple Pirates, not Snowflakes

We should all do what we can to be closer to Purple Pirates than Snowflakes in business. Some will instantly get what I am saying. Those who either follow me or are part of the 7C’s development program or perhaps both will undoubtedly get it. Others will have no clue what I am referring to. So to ease that furrowed brow, here is the explanation. 

Seth Godin wrote about the Purple Cow to illustrate the value and importance of being remarkable in business, creating a differential so that you stand out from the crowd and, in so doing, avoid becoming part of the white noise of business. Be the Purple cow in a field full of Black & White ones. When I first read this book by Seth, it changed everything for me and, along with the works of Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale, became one of the influences behind my books Making Rain and The Seven C’s Of Why. 

Later I was introduced to Sam Conniff Allende, who wrote ‘Be More Pirate’ to illustrate the lessons learnt from some surprising advantages being gained by learning from the original Pirate movement.  His book began its own movement rather than simply being another book. As Steve Jobs once said, “I would rather be a Pirate than join the Navy.”

A Snowflake is too easily offended and wary of anything to the left and right or a very narrow central line. The exact opposite of what you need to be in business, yet when I look around, so many are clinging to the mediocre mainline and looking longingly toward the far left and right, watching exceptional people create success. 

If they took the time to investigate, they would find that these people are neither exceptional nor unique, they are just like everyone else; they use the restroom like everyone else, they work like everyone else and worry as we all do. The difference is that they understand the need to be the Purple Cow Seth talks about, to be more Pirate as Sam talks about. To embrace the 7C’s Of Why that I talk about. What will you do today to become a Purple Pirate, Not a Snowflake? 

In the not too distant future, my next book, again influenced by Seth, Sam and others, will be coming out, this one will take you still further than the 7C’s exploring the Ultimate Sales Framework, which in all honesty, is far bigger than this working title alludes to. As the work progresses, I am sure a more imaginative title will emerge. 

What does a Purple Pirate do that the mainstream does not? In a nutshell, they make sure they create a true differential, but that is not enough. The differential they produce is far more than first meets the eye. Like peeling the layers from an onion, the differential can be found at every level and not some superficial rhetoric to create a fashionable persona. They work to a code based on fairness; they lead when they need to and allow others to perform when it is their turn. Being a Purple Pirate is far more interesting than being a snowflake. The Rainmakers Hub and the 7C’s development Program are helping to establish a community of Purple Pirates who are all capable of making rain, which is a most exciting prospect. As we gain momentum in Rainmakers Club, there will be many winners; ultimately, these will be those who become my Purple Pirates, the superstars of tomorrow. 

Here’s a thought, why don’t you reach out to me, and we can talk about Purple Pirates, Rainmakers and changing the world one business at a time!

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