Start Your (R)Evolution Right Now!

Most of you will read this but still procrastinate; many of you will still walk the path on the basis that you have time…

Time is a limited resource that, once spent, you can never replenish – Fact.

Money is not so rare as time; you can always make more money – Fact.

Many are pulled into borrowing, debt, living beyond their means and procrastinating while waiting for certainty over clarity – Fact.

In part one, I was urging you to create and then follow a path of your design, grasping the opportunity to create your version of our (R)Evolution.

The alternative to this is to follow the mainstream conventions like 99% of the population. Running a business but still following the deep furrows created by the wheels of everyone blindly following the well-trodden path of habit.

This well-trodden path takes you on a journey that will see you swamped in borrowing, living for tomorrow and a promise that will not be fulfilled, wasting the most precious of all resources we consume, time. We cannot get more time, but we can always get more money; if we are willing to work for it.

I see no point in working to earn £100 and then spending £101; that is pointless. It is just as pointless as following the misleading stories we are told about business failure; if you have read my book called ‘The Biggest Lie and the Worst Kept Secret’ you will already know we are fed symptoms dressed as cause to protect our feelings and prevent us from facing the truth, that it is our fault because at some point we have lacked knowledge and ego has prevented us from learning.

The truth is I can guarantee you mediocrity if you follow the well-trodden path. To create exceptional results, you need to think exceptional thoughts. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes; they never work for the mainstream, just for a few at the top. It is just as important to avoid the choices you are confronted with every day that are fuelled by the lure of credit and debt. Don’t be prevented from doing your own thing for fear of failing. The reality that so many want to hide is that failure is a big part of the journey to ultimate success; failure is part of the process, not the end of the game.

When we experience a failure, we should take responsibility; after all, the failure will come directly from the decisions we have taken. Learn from them and keep going, albeit with adjustments learnt from the failure; the accumulative effect of consistently doing the right thing and not giving up will pay you back. Investing your time in this way is never wasted.

When you join the (R)Evolution, you will never be asked to sacrifice your present for the promise of an unobtainable future. The (R)Evolution is all about creating wealth while you are young enough to enjoy it and doing it based on learning a new way, stepping out from the mainstream, wasting time and creating debt.

It would be best if you were on a path of your design, stepping out from the mainstream and comfort of conformity. Come on and take a leap of faith, break the consumption habit and instead focus on becoming a producer.

Don’t stop learning, or it might be more accurate to say, start learning. Select the people around you with care and learn; you only have one mission, and that is to create and help.  Learn more, and the money will follow, give more and solve problems for people, and the money will follow.

Your knowledge today can be leveraged to create a business. That may not be the ultimate business you are looking for, but it is the start. That is important, making a start. The best ideas are difficult to execute; you must act and think exceptional; mediocre just won’t cut it.

Do not procrastinate; start now. Understand that even if you have no money right now, that does not mean you cannot do this; you can!

Your ultimate business vision may not be viable today, but that does not permit you to wait; instead, start with 1% of your idea and get some momentum. My objective is to help those with a dream to make it a reality as early as possible while they still have time to enjoy it.

Watch out for the next episode and our first of many gifts to those ready to step out from the crowd…

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