Terms of Service

Customer Charter


Our commitment to all our members

Membership – Your membership level does not change our commitment to do all we can to offer value and quality in all your dealings with us and our dealings with you. Above all else is the promise and provision of unlimited advice and support for our VIP, Elite and Inner Circle members.

Membership Benefits – Paying or one of our free members we will provide you with opportunity and a wide range of events to help in the development of your business and your business skills. In return for your annual or monthly membership fee, we will provide you with the best possible quality of advice and a wide range of supporting resources and educational events to assist in the development of you and your business in our areas of expertise.

Where we feel that you may benefit from more specialist support, we will introduce you to one of our growing number of Partner Members with suitable knowledge, experience and qualifications. Our partner members will offer you quality and preferential treatment. Any financial arrangments will be between yourself and the partner member.

  • We will always keep you informed of our progress, particularly when related to specific requests made by you.
  • We will do all we can, within reason, to maintain regular contact with you.
  • We will use the utmost discretion when dealing with your personal information and treat all our conversations with you as confidential, regardless of the medium used.
  • We will safeguard your personal data and will never sell or pass on your details to any third party, without your express permission.
  • All conversations save for those you choose to have in open forum or with other members outside of our direct control will be treated by us in the strictest of confidence and will not be repeated discussed in part or full, in any way without your express permission.
  • There may be occasions when we come across one of your clients in our daily activities. If this is the case and their relationship with you is known we will do all we can to avoid competition and do all we can to maintain your relationship with that individual or business.
  • We will refer suitable business to you whenever we come across opportunities and assist you with the relationship where possible.


Our General Charter Details 

At The Rainmakers Hub, we take great pride in designing all of our services and products in line with our mission, providing the highest quality material, information and where appropriate, mentoring and coaching. The same goes when selecting our partner members and suppliers, who contribute to our mission with their expertise and in so doing increase the benefits to you from the Rainmakers Hub portfolio.

Partners will only be selected from our existing full members and we strive to ensure our custom solutions, and those of our partners, suit each individual client’s needs before any formal introduction is made.

We will avoid gimmicks and fads in all aspects of business management, preferring to concentrate on innovative techniques and strategies.

We will use the best quality business information in the delivery of advice to all our members.

The Rainmakers Hub will constantly reinvest to enable us to support research to continually innovate and seek new ideas to help our members succeed.

Our reputation is built and will continue to be built on our steadfast pursuit of this policy in all our products, services and interactions with our members, partners, and suppliers.

Quick Advice

We believe asking questions is a sign of strength and Rainmakers are comfortable asking for help, opinions and advice. As a member of the Rainmakers Club, you have the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have relating to your business or personal development.  Membership includes unlimited use of this service. If we do not have the answer, we will research and find the answer for you.

Your Commitment

When we talk about commitment we are referring to Our Free, VIP, Elite and Inner Circle members. As a member of the Rainmakers Hub and Rainmakers Club, paid or free you are agreeing to the following condidions and any breach of these can result in termination of your membership in order to protect our other members and the reputation of the Rainmakers Club. These conditions are:

  • No racial, political, religious, sexual, gender obuse or obsene language.
  • No racial, political, religious, sexual, gender obuse or obsene posts in any media format.
  • No bullying.
  • No intimidation
  • Respect the priviacy of your fellow members.

In addition to these standard rules we reserve the right to withold our services including unlimited support and advice where paid for accounts are not maintained and paid up to date. Therefore if you are one of our valued VIP, Elite or Inner Circle members you further commit to maintaining your payment for memebrship for as long as you wish to remain a member. The exception to this being those who have been rewarded with complimentary membership.