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The Purpose

rainmakershub April 20, 2022

Designing, running and developing a business is a challenge at the best of times and is certainly not for the faint of heart. It is a mistake to think that you can turn that into a business as long as you have technical skills and a market. Many people do precisely that and pay the price as a result. The number of these intrepid people that go beyond survival is far less than you would expect, given their passion and drive for their projects. 

The high rates of attrition are many, but right up there at the top of the list is the lack of knowledge, skill and technique required to run the business. There is no doubt that running and developing a business is a skill in its own right and one that needs the attention of all entrepreneurs and enterprising people.

Imagine if everyone already knew how to run a business effectively, then all that would be left would be to find great ideas and a market in which to sell them. Of course, this is a long way from reality. This brings us to the purpose of this program. The 7C’s recognises that while you do need a great idea and a market, you also need many other elements, and it is these elements that this program concerns itself with. 

The purpose of the 7C’s is to illustrate to you and teach you the simple truth that if you ignore for a moment what you do, your product or service, all that you are left with is the why and how of your business. It is that part that needs attention. Everything that will bring you success will come from your Why and your how. 

This program will undoubtedly look at why, but most importantly, it will look in great detail at the how. It is the how where great ideas, passion, and drive can be turned into exceptional and sustainable results that create true and tangible success for you. That is the purport of the 7C’s to teach and assist you in becoming the best version of you possible regarding your Why, How and What of business. 

We follow the straightforward but effective model of the 7C’s, giving you all you need to create, develop and manage a business of true worth. This involves creating scale, but be aware this is not all about getting ‘big’ but more about creating a business capable of working for you, rather than constantly working for it. This then is the purpose of the 7C’s program.