What is a sales funnel?

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When I talk about sales funnels, I am referring to the digital version of the traditional sales process that most people of a certain age would have followed back in the day!

The standard sales process would follow the following format, which I am sure you will recognise:

Prospecting – Finding those who fit your ideal client’s pen picture or Avatar.

Know Your Client  – Fact-finding all relevant information and understanding the prospect.

Identify The Need – Getting a detailed understanding of what the prospects want.

Present The Solution – Making an offer based on their needs.

Close The Sale (Handle Objections) – Complete the purchase by asking for the business and, if need be, handling any last-minute questions.

Consolidate The Sale – Make sure your new customer knows what to expect and what happens next.


The Sales Funnel will differ in that this is all achieved online, and unless you sell very high-value ticket items, no personal interaction is initially required. The Sales Funnel process would typically follow this roadmap:

Prospecting – The right people (qualified as being right by the content they are responding to) are invited via a Call to Action into your buying process via a PPC campaign or a social media post, blog, vlog or Podcast.

Hook – A compelling headline that clarifies what the subject matter will be about.

Story – A compelling story that creates a connection with the prospect based on the pain they want to get away from or the goal they want to achieve.

Offer – The call to action will be an offer that motivates the right action (to purchase).

Upsell – The opportunity to buy even more or upgrade.

Consolidate The Sale – Make sure your new customer knows what to expect and what happens next.

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