What is the first thing I should be telling my prospect?

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This does, to a certain extent, depend on the starting point. If you have spoken before or been in contact online, you may want and need to follow on from that conversation, but as a rule of thumb on first contact, and indeed if you feel things are not going to plan, you can revert to a similar first contact model that follows these rules:

  1. People, not products
  2. People do not like to be sold to but enjoy buying for the most part. 
  3. Start with Why, then how and only talk about what is incidental at the end.
  4. Do not tell your prospect how you can help them until you have uncovered what kind of help they need. 

People, not products, mean you should focus on the relationship with them before you talk about the Features, advantages and Benefits of your product or service.

Avoid being that pushy salesperson in person on the phone, via Zoom or through sales funnels online. By all means, be excited and passionate. Give them an ample chance to get excited too and make great offers but give them the space to buy rather than be overtly sold to.

If I were selling Rainmakers Club to you, I would start with the following: I believe that everyone who takes the leap of faith into running their own business and puts the time and effort into its development deserves true success (Why). To that end, we have a safe platform for you to learn, share and develop with like-minded people on the same road, and we provide unlimited support and advice for a simple membership subscription (How). We just happen to be your business adviser, one day, all business advice and support will work this way…

As far as telling how I can help, well, imagine you wanted or needed help with your leadership skills, and I was assuming you wanted help with sales and started banging on about how we can help you increase sales. That would be a total turn-off. So better if I ask you what you need and then focus on that. Later you may well want to talk about sales too…

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