Why do I need to design a Value Ladder?

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Wow! What first appears to be a simple question to ask is, in fact, a very complex and advanced principle. The good news is you are asking it, and we can give you the answer you want. You will also find a fair bit of content on this subject within the platform. That is because this is a pivotal tool for any business. The first thing I want you to consider is this:


When you design your product and services, the marketing content and the sales process, you will, by default, create valuable resources. For example, I sell a membership program that offers unlimited advice and support for the growing business. To launch that service, I produced loads of by-products, for example:

  • Presentations
  • Lessons
  • E-books
  • Mainstream books
  • Course material and more

My ideal customer can join at the top level and gain all these by-products. But, the reality is that if 100 people visit my funnel for ultimate membership, not all 100 will buy; let us say five buy. If I have nothing else to offer, what happens to the other ninety-five? If I break my ultimate product down into its parts, I can bundle them up into logical and related packs and sell them at a lower value. These packs will vary in value and price and attract some of the ninety-five that, traditionally, I would lose. These packs make up my ‘Value Ladder, and each step will have its sales funnel. At the bottom, I might give something away to keep my prospects interested, and as we rise, the value increases and rather than selling now or two products, I am doing significantly better. That is the beauty of building your value ladder. I hope the illustration helps you to understand the principle.  We can help you with the construction of your value ladder, sales funnels and your funnel hub; you only have to ask:

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