Zero to Hero – Part One

You could spend months building the home of your dreams on the beach, and I am sure it would look amazing. Of course, without the proper foundations and the right robust engineering and design suitable for the unique beach environment, your dream home may not look that great for long! The same could be said about building a business. The vision is one thing; bringing it to life is something else. I want to talk about the space between vision and reality and what you can do to bridge that gap, should you need to do so.

I am using the analogy of the house on the beach because most of us would instantly see the problem, most of us. The reality is that some people have indeed built or bought properties right on the edge of the beach. From the moment most of us see these properties, we cannot help but think to ourselves, ‘what are these people thinking? How can they possibly have a future given the property’s location and the instability of the sand on which it stands?’

If you were given the opportunity to meet with those that lived there, you would soon discover they were just like you and me. I guess the only difference was how they were thinking. They would have a blind spot when it came to where they were living. The risk would be ever-present and real, but that is ignored or perhaps overshadowed by the beauty of the location, the view and how great it is in the summer.

I can imagine watching the news some months later with pictures of the high tides and strong winds undermining the beach resulting in the houses being taken by the relentless sea. I look around at many businesses I come in contact with, and I recognise the characteristics of those with great future visions. Still, they are so focused on this that they forget about today and the need to focus on the foundations. This, then, is all about success and how to build the strong foundations you need to support the machine you must build around you to create the success you desire.

The difference between those that will find success, which you must remember is not a solo game,  and those that will fall by the wayside will come down to how they think and how much time and effort they put into building their machine on the right foundations. This, then, is what I want to focus on; this is why I wrote the book ‘The 7C’s Of Why” and the development program that goes with it.

The book and the program are both based on a period in my own life when the penny dropped, and I was able to create from nothing a business that would generate over one million in new sales per month in just three years, following what was to become the 7C’s model. Much of that model focuses on intelligent marketing, quality value ladders, sales skills, leadership, collaboration and more. There is, however, one area that all of these vital systems must fully rely on, the foundations; at the cornerstone of those foundations is you and how you think.

In our next episode, I will share with you the headline framework that will, if followed, result in some exceptional results; after that, we will look at each element in detail with a deep dive, but that’s not all; you should also look out for a very special offer, all will be revealed as the series progresses…

In the meantime, take a look at this link (click here)…

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