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All business is about relationships

Chris Batten November 19, 2022

If you think about it, all businesses, regardless of size, stage of development and arena in which they operate, are in the relationship business rather than the product business. In previous courses, we have spoken at length about the importance of the value ladder that you create for your business and the sales funnels related to that value ladder. [If you have not already undertaken the construction of your value ladder, you might want to look into that now before you continue.]

When your business is found online, it may well be a result of them discovering one or more of your products or services in your value ladder. That is the whole purpose of its existence, but there is no doubt that the length of time they stay is everything to do with the relationship you build with them. This relationship will be built based on the personality you have created for your business, referred to by many as your attractive character.

First contact with this attractive character may have come from your funnel or some other form of interaction with the prospect, for example, networking. Nonetheless, your prospect has gotten this far based on that attraction, and your next action is to build on that because you will now want to lead them to the outcome they seek.