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Presentation Funnels

rainmakershub August 24, 2022

As your client moves up your value ladder, the price of what you are offering increases in line with the significant increase in value. The higher up the ladder you go, the more you need to increase the perceived value of the offer being made. You can either do a product demonstration or use the ‘Who, What, Why, How script. I will be dealing with scripts in more detail later. When you use either of these methods, your client can see the value in a very short space of time. They will be able to see that the value you are offering is far higher than the price you are asking for.

The purpose of the presentation funnels is to educate the person on the problem they have and the solution to it that you are offering. As well as get them to take action. The presentation funnel has the ability to quickly take a person from being cold to warm and then onward to hot.

Video Sales Letter Funnel

Before the advent of web availability and access for the majority of people and before the smartphone, which has become commonplace, many companies would send out sales letters; in fact, many still do, using the argument that letters have become rare and therefore a sale letter is a differential. I am not sure I fully agree with that stance and feel that technology will still be the main tool used by your market to keep themselves informed. It, therefore, makes sense to take full advantage of the use of the internet and smartphones to get your sales messages out to the market.

The beauty of the video sales letter is you get to read the letter word for word to your target market, and so they get to listen to every word in the right order and then can listen and take advantage of a compelling call to action and offer. With the traditional letter, this is not always the case. In essence, a video sales letter is simply a video sales presentation constructed in the following way:

Page 1 – The Sales Page

While it won’t escape you that the format of this page is very similar to that of the book funnel, there is a difference; the order form is not at the top of the page. This positioning is an important feature and is designed to allow the video content to be fully absorbed to increase the perceived value of the offer before you see the order form. Because of this, the top of the page is all about getting the prospect to watch the presentation video. The headline, again, should be curiosity based has only one objective, and that is to get them to watch the video.

How you construct the video is entirely up to you, it can be a talking head video or a recorded presentation based on something like PowerPoint or indeed a combination of both. Bringing some personality to the presentation is important and therefore think about the production of the narration too.

Below the video, you can also create what is often referred to as a ‘Spoiler Box’ this is simply a sub-headline that will say something like ‘In today’s free presentation…’ then, you can document three or four bullet points on what the video presentation is covering. Under the ‘Spoiler Box’, you can have a clear Call to action button.

Page 2 – The Upsell Page(s)

The upsell pages in this funnel are identical in design to that of the book funnels.

Page 3- The Thank You Page

Again this is the same as the other funnels you use. If you are selling physical products, you may want to include the offer wall of other related products, and if you are selling information, then here, you can direct them to the next funnels up the value ladder.